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Butter By Keba

Butter By Keba is a Harlem-born premium line of moisturizers and synergistic fragrances, infused with certified aromatherapy and perfumery, designed to promote soft skin & elasticity while uplifting and soothing your mood. Artisanally crafted body care shipped to your door.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Our mission is to foster connection and inclusivity within underserved and underrepresented communities through a thoughtful, intuitive application of artisanal formulation, powered by purpose.

A portion of your purchase goes towards our youth aromatherapy and perfumery workshop series with local Harlem anti-violence and financial literacy initiative Hands That Make A Difference. (See recent workshops)

Image by Susan Wilkinson

[Synergistic] is the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances, to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


We are committed to creating beautiful fragrances with earth-centered plant-based ingredients.   

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