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Herbalists Without Borders
Healing Project Mobile Clinic

Serving the community with love, compassion, and plant magic.

Carolyn Jones serves on the Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) Board of Directors and is the founder of the HWB Healing Project Mobile Clinic. She is also the Coordinator for the establishment of medicinal seed gardens. As a Bereavement Chaplain, she uses medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, and flower essences to address anxiety, "grief brain," and loss of appetite.  As a Health Justice Advocate, she teaches self-care to senior citizens and "at-risk" children and has a vision to create a consortium of plant lovers from all walks of life to promote, educate, serve, and elevate the philosophy of change as it relates to creating an environment that supports mindful ideas and behaviors through the many modalities available to us with the cultivation and use of plant medicine. Your membership and tax-deductible donations will help us continue to serve communities at home and abroad. To donate to The Healing Project please click the link below. ​ For more information email: Thank you for your generosity!

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