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The Healing Project is an interactive workshop that is designed to educate participants about various healing modalities that will effectively strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body for improved health and well-being. Self-care resources will be made available and special guests will be featured.

Ola Obasi

Master Herbalist & Educator

February 17, 2021 ~ 11 a.m.

Ola Obasi is the Owner of Indigenous Wisdom's Kuti Wellness, formerly Ola's Herb Shop. She has been working in the wellness field for over 15 years. Ola is a yoga and dance instructor, medical herbalist, nutritionist and birth doula.


She founded the Three Rivers Free Clinic for the People, a free community service and partnership to Herbalists Without Borders in PA, as well as, Well of Indigenous Wisdom School, a 3-year program immersed in herbal medicine and the healing arts.


A guest presenter and teacher of many conferences across the nation, she began a movement for People of Color, reminding the Western world to honor contributions to herbal practice by people of Indigenous heritage: African, Native American, Latin American. She received her Master’s of Science from Maryland Institute Health and is currently enrolled in a PhD program focusing on integrative medicine and functional nutrition.




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