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The Healing Project: Honoring Loss

Updated: May 30, 2020

Loss is never easy. It comes in many forms (sudden death, divorce, illness, broken relationships, loneliness) and given the circumstances (abandonment, rejection) can leave a gaping wound for years.

The darkness is all-consuming in a way that only Love can cure. During these times, it's hard to believe that the Light that can be found in the depths of the aching heart.

Hope and Faith are the two sacred elements that one must hold dear in order to eventually climb out of that deep well of mourning loss into the wide open space of self-care, self-love, and self-renewal.

Healing can be achieved in a holistic environment. But, it is up to the individual to choose that path. there are so many horror stories about people who have exacerbated their emotional condition after becoming addicted to pharmaceutical treatments.

I serve the community as a chaplain, specializing in bereavement and aftercare counseling. My spiritual care practice is inspired by my desire to help those in mourning transmute their grief.

Our conversations are rooted in natural self-care practices. I love sharing recipes for kitchen medicine, immune-strengthening tonics, and herbal concoctions, along with a healthy dose of compassion and empathy. It is my ministry of presence.

The art of listening brings a spirit of comfort that is palpable and mutual. A powerful source of healing, listening is the channel through which the personal stories of strangers who trust me to embrace them where that are, is a sacred stance, indeed.

They slowly emerge, feeling sturdier and resilient like the ever-thriving bamboo. Their fragile emotions may begin to brown like weakened leaves and need to be separated from the stalk. But, their strength, flexibility, balance and harmonious nature all come together to give the individual an opportunity to continue caring and loving through the memory of their beloved one.

Having a memorial bamboo plant in the living space gives the owner of the plant an opportunity to symbolically continue nurturing, caring, and loving.

One vase, three bamboo stalks, colorful marbles or decorative stones, and water will create a serene image for those times when the pain and suffering of memories of loss prevail.

Plant energy is magical. Invite it into your sanctuary with the intention ot be restored.

You deserve happiness. You deserve to be made whole.

Be healed. Today.

"No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities. Always see them, for they're always there." ~ Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author, Power of Positive Thinking


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