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The Healing Project: Kitchen Medicine

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Most of what you need to improve your health is hidden on the shelves of your kitchen cabinets...or not. Lifestyle habits are very often the culprits behind the failure of one’s health condition. Toxic thoughts, behaviors, and eating habits are on top of the list.

Lifestyle habits are very often the culprits behind the failure of an otherwise favorable health condition. Toxic thoughts, behaviors, and eating habits deteriorate health exponentially.

The whole point of emphasizing the importance of a strong immune system is to prepare the body for an unexpected assault on the body system.

It is not normal to have high blood pressure, diabetes, or emotional distress. The preferred goal is to prevent these ailments.

Ayurveda, a science of daily living, is recorded in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. It identifies ama as the root of all disease. Ama clogs the large intestines and other bodily channels of circulation.

According to this system of medicine, disease develops in six stages:

1. Accumulation

2. Aggravation

3. Overflow

4. Relocation

5. Manifestation

6. Diversification

Accumulation diet and lifestyle, seasonal maladjustments, and psychological disturbances are the underlying factors that are not limited to imbalances like flatulence, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, fever, hyperacidity, digestion and heaviness.

Aggravation occurs as symptoms are exacerbated by continued fatalistic lifestyle habits and begins to appear in various affected sites in the body.

Overflow indicates that dis-ease has entered the plasma, spreading out of the gastrointestinal tract, penetrating organs and tissues of the body, causing various disorders and dysfunctions. There is a worsening of symptoms wherever the toxic materials settle.

Relocation is when there is a manifestation of specific diseases (i.e. bones, blood, and the lymph system). The lymph system is a major part of the body’s immune system. The immune system is designed to protect the body from infection. White blood cells, antibodies, along with organs and lymph nodes, make up the body's immune system. Key lymphoid organs of the immune system include the thymus and bone marrow. The secondary lymphatic tissues including spleen, tonsils, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, adenoids, skin, and liver.

Manifestation means that the disease is now identifiable as a particular disease (i.e. asthma, diabetes, arthritis, etc.). The disease onset is now major and treatment becomes difficult.

Diversification indicates that the disease is not only identifiable, it is chronic and will take time and effort to rectify.

With this understanding of disease, it is valuable to know about kitchen medicine. By keeping certain herbs and seasonings in your pantry for use in your cooking, you can have – at the ready – a chance to improve your health with the aid of proper rest, exercise, and spiritual nourishment.

Here is a short list:

  1. Parsley

  2. Thyme

  3. Oregano

  4. Garlic

  5. Cinnamon

  6. Sage

  7. Peppermint

  8. Ginger

  9. Cardamom

  10. Fennel

  11. Ashwaganda

  12. Hibiscus

The handbook, Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health by Carolyn Jones is a comprehensive, introductory resource for learning about natural self-care.

The focus is on detoxification and immune-strengthening for all ages.

As we change our way of being during this pandemic, it is clear that the body is demanding attention and will not be denied.

Today is the time to right the wrongs of youthful disdain for the body and the mind. Create an intention to embrace life with clarity, embrace change, and improve your health.

“Harmony is freedom from oppressive thoughts, behaviors, and people.” excerpted from Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health, Carolyn Jones


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