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The Healing Project: The Fire Within

Poetry is the banquet of the soul. A feast of words and emotions, the rhythm and rhyme of each utterance is a ravenous bite of raw feelings.

The Fire Within

by Carolyn Jones

Awakening to the fire within, A sumptuous meal,

A cardinal sin. Shining diadems Bolts of shimmering gold.

Sipping tea with angels, letting secrets unfold.

Sprays, bouquets of flowers harmonizing with birds A garden wall of monarchs

Flashing Northern Lights, words.

Restless ice floes Under a swirl of Northern light, Peaks of snow-capped mountains

Tender dreams taking flight. Hearing wild whispers in the midnight blue dark No profound visions

No walk in the park.

Future love voices

Threaten timeless defeat.

An escape, no destination

With nectar, so sweet.

Oceans kiss shores

With horizon complete.

Echoing Nikki our joys

Take forever in flight.

Ntozake, Toni, and bell

Their words feel so right.

Making heartbeats drum faster,

With ebb and with flow.

Ancestral musings, no status, no quo

Meditation allows silence

Resounds church bell loud.

Aspiring alone,

Standing firm in a crowd.

Overtake Good at its Highest domain

Make pure intentions a constant refrain.

Understanding that the more things change

No same shall remain.

"Through my tears, I found god in myself and I loved her fiercely." ~ Ntozake Shange


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