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The Healing Project: The Gift

Lessons are blessings because Life is a Gift.

The recognition and appreciation of this Gift is the ribbon that binds all of the elements of a Life well-lived together. The package can be small or large, filled with tears and pain or laughter and joy. The whole of the experience, whatever the portion, can be valued just by acknowledging the next inhalation. Magic enters the space when you learn to gently whisper your dreams into the consciousness of your being to further manifest your desired Truth, realizing that you are enough. The Gift was always all yours!

ROCK SOLID by Carolyn Jones

So sensitive the soul More precious than gold Languishing, longing,

perfect and pure. Watery reflections, shine

luster bright.

Compassionate prayers cast

Infinite Light. Trust in yourself, The answer's in You. Project your thoughts inward, You know what to do. Make a clear choice, You're on the right track. Head for your dreams, With the wind at your back. Ride the wave of the breath, Long, deep, and strong. Your core is rock solid, What's right, can't be wrong.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

~ James Baldwin, American Novelist


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