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The Healing Project: Creating a New World Order, Part I

“Everything in nature is alive, pulsating constantly to and from the ideal, but always missing the mark. And when you see the might and inevitability of this resonance, you set into motion the inevitability of your own success.” ~ The Power of Wisdom: The Magic of Seeing What Others Can’t


I love to people watch. It gives me an opportunity to absorb the depth of what it means to be alive. The same way I observe and know nothing about the elderly man or woman, innocent babies, toddlers in the exploratory stage of their lives, and the segment of the population who are enjoying the “hot and sexy” phase of their lives--other than what I can discern. They have no idea about me or what I’m thinking in that moment. As a matter of fact, they may not even notice me.


Sometimes they do.


I love it when our smiles catch each other off guard and a hint of sheepishness peeks through. Some faces are off-putting, haughty, unfriendly, and angry. I smile anyway because I am at a place in my life where my insatiable soul craves all that life brings. It’s not personal.


I now understand that the pendulum of life remains still, waiting for the next air current. It is a natural flow.


Sometimes the pendulum will swing toward the Shadows. Other times, Life is a sun shower of Light. While in the shadowy moments, I have learned to allow myself the time to cocoon until daybreak. I no longer perceive it as a reprimand from some unseeable Force. I listen for the lesson.


As Light begins to peek through, I open my heart and allow my vessel of gratitude to be filled to overflowing with messages of gratitude and Pure Radiance.


Although the road has been arduous, my lessons, thus far, have been learned. I’m sure there are more. I’m curious and excited!


All of what is happening with me now is the result of me deciding that I needed a New World Order for my life. My first concern was my mental health. What I was going through had the potential to utterly destroy me. I made the choice to save myself.

When I first started my healing journey, I didn’t know that dance and music were “therapies”. I just love music and I love to dance. Music and dance saved my life.


I love the arts and nature, as well. Theatre is a world that expands my imagination, museums bring me peace, parks make me feel safe, large bodies of water stimulate the mysterious part of my Scorpio being, and the home that I have chosen for myself is, literally, my temple.


I am so grateful that as I matured, I listened to the still, small voice that insisted that I guard my mental and emotional health.

From where I sit, it is no wonder that we have a substance abuse crisis in this country. Relationships alone can be paralyzing. Pile on toxic work environments, estranged families, broken hearts, and death and you have a cauldron of possible derailments.


I was lucky. My pain drove me to seek higher ground after I learned that a lower vibration lifestyle of resentment and retaliation could never bring me peace--or deliverance.


I began to nurture my spiritual Self. I read books, studied spiritual concepts, and curbed the craving to make others happy in spite of my malcontent.


I began to travel for the express purpose of meeting healers from all over the world to see how they coped with life. What I discovered was that the human condition is the same no matter the location. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, appreciated, validated, satisfied, and loved. We were all overcoming something harsh. The pendulum swings both ways for everyone.

The ability to enjoy this ride even after lightning strikes is a lot to ask. I had to totally alter my perception of who I thought I was in relation to how others were presenting themselves to me, or perceived me.


Life is a series of trial-and-error situations. My best laid plans were not always best for me.


When I began to intentionally apply what I was learning to my life practices while simultaneously reflecting on the results, I began to notice that the road was becoming smoother. Protecting my heart and my mind became my top priority. I surrounded myself with people who genuinely wanted to see me win. It became a team effort, with me at the helm. Any deviation from the formula results in an immediate dissolution of the connection. That is too high a price.


The road is bumpy enough without gravel in my boots.


Change is constant and the ability to adjust to and overcome adversity with grace is a hard-earned skill.


I collaborate with a trusted cadre of holistic health practitioners and mental health professionals to maintain this new World Order that I am consciously and deliberately creating for myself and others.


We are greatly affected by our environment. Distractions are everywhere.


This is a very special year for me. As 2023 came to an end, I did what I have done for the past twenty or so years. I set my intention to manifest what I want for myself in the coming year.


More importantly, I decided who and what I no longer wanted in my life. Once I identify what no longer works, it’s a wrap.


As a result of this year’s decision, I have met the most wonderful people to replace those I have excused or who have excused themselves from my table.


Not mourning loss is a clear sign of healing for me. Loss is an illusion. How could I have lost what I never really owned? I own nothing. Not even my own life.


We have been assigned as caretakers of these flesh-covered temples, so we must daily ask ourselves, “Is it well with my soul?”


I see my soul as the art that decorates the walls of my mind. By responding to the beauty my soul exudes, my mind benefits by settling into an unbothered space.



In January, I was invited to participate in an event hosted by the Black Reparations Wellness Clinic (BRWC).


The coordinator, Ebony Joy, had organized a Clinic concept that echoed the mission of the HWB Healing Project Mobile Clinic. Our meeting was serendipitous. Colorful and delicious plant-based food was served, the sessions included reiki, medicine-making, facial massage, thai yoga massage, and acupuncture.

I invited my mentor and friend, licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Derrick Trent, LAc, to participate with me. He administered auricular (ear) acupuncture.

My offering was a lesson on the topic of auricular (ear) massage and flower essences, and sound therapy with tuning forks.

Sonic vibrations that emanate from the tuning forks stimulate qi (energy), encouraging the body’s energy to flow naturally. When applied to an area on the body that feels tense or painful, symptoms are alleviated and healing is accelerated.


Tuning forks work wonders on the mind and body. It always thrills me to watch shards of stress fall from the faces of the people I serve as the tuning fork does its work.

As their mental energy is stimulated and their self-awareness heightened, they are visibly transported. 


Auricular massage gives people an immediate and unobtrusive way to handle stress. It is a whole body self-care protocol because the ear is a map of the whole body and when massaged will transmit the messages to the corresponding organs that are stimulated by the pressure applied to a point on the ear. For instance, the crease in the back of the ear connecting the ear to the skull is connected to the nerves that send restorative messages to the spine.

Photo: Carolyn Jones explaining auricular massage and flower essences

It is another category of reflexology. Most people know about hand and foot reflexology because it is a mainstream protocol. It is my desire to have people add ear massages to their self-care toolkit because it does not require anything other than the hands and can easily be performed anywhere..


Aromatherapy is a nice addition to the ear massage as a lubricant and an olfactory treatment. We used lavender for the massage. Participants were gifted with aromatherapeutic blends from Scentonomy (see photo). These organic therapeutic grade essential oils brought them the promise of relaxation, respiratory relief, and upliftment to enjoy in their meditative moments.  (Available for purchase on the AFFILIATES page of this website.)

Flower essences are safe, subtle and etheric. The desire for mental and spiritual clarity cleared a path directly to acceptance of this unique self-healing approach.

Herbalists Without Borders International Inc. provided the HWB Healing Project Mobile Clinic with a full supply of flower essences that included Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Zinnia, Black-eyed Susan, Tulsi, Nettle, Anise Hyssop, German Chamomile, and Mugwort. This spirit-enriching plant medicine always brings an energy of wonderment to the willing heart.


“I appreciated this new modality of healing. I like that the person {Carolyn Jones] administering it was open to answering any and all questions and really walked me through the process.” ~ S.H.

All in all, it was a perfect event for a rainy Sunday.

"Helping another person wake up and truly see is a magical, indescribable experience." ~ The Power of Wisdom: The Magic of Seeing What Others Can’t






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Judith Guerra
Judith Guerra

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for sharing your visionary intentions. Your journey provides a taste of what one can contemplate as they navigate through their own thoughts about how to contribute to this universe. Blessings, Judith

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