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The Healing Project: Happiness is...

Updated: May 30, 2020

The quest for happiness is as popular as the fountain of youth. It turns out that one feeds the other.

Drumming improves physical, emotional, cognitive health, and spiritual health.

Golden Cord I 

by Carolyn Jones

Connect yourself to me  Breathe...  Connect yourself to a Divine path  Reflect...  Connect yourself to the Universe  Dream...  Connect yourself to the moment Love...  Connect yourself to the Gift  Love, Release, Dream Reflect, Breathe...  Acknowledging this Oneness,  We celebrate...share...

Heal the world.

Golden Cord II

by Carolyn Jones

Connect yourself to me,


Connect yourself to me,


Connect yourself to yourself,

Breathe, smile...

Connect yourself to the Universe,


Connect yourself to nature, light, and sound,


Connect yourself to the pulse of my heartbeat,

Breathe, smile, pray, respect, love...

It's just that simple.


Happiness is a burst of light in the darkness. An unexpected smile. Happiness is a clean bill of health. The intonation of your name. Happiness is a lover's caress. A hot cup of tea. Happiness is the taste of honey. The sound of the drummer's call. Happiness is a raucous laugh. A falling tear. Happiness is you loving me. Me loving you. Happiness is...

"If you want to be happy -- be." ~ Leo Tolstoy, author, God Sees the Truth, But Waits


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